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Each of us has at some point sensed that there is a lot within us that needs to be expressed, understood, explored, integrated and lived out. However, we keep all that away for a more relevant time in the vague future or we feel we are not equipped to fully express our potential and deal with our inner selves. Self-development workshops aim to discover and integrate our inner resources so that we can live freer and fuller versions of ourselves. The best version of yourself is usually far better than what you think possible. While some workshops will focus on basic skills which are useful and essential for everyone across settings and throughout life like communication and social skills, others will help you get in touch with your inner resources and decide on the ways to utilize them to achieve happiness in your own unique way.

True Brain offers workshops on:

  • Social skills – children and adults
  • Communication skills
  • ‘Positive psychology’
  • Coping with stress
  • Self-awareness and enhancement
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