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Memory Booster

Memory Definition

Memory is the ability to recover information about past events or knowledge. It is divided into short- term (working) memory and long-term.

Symptoms of memory difficulties

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Forgetting names
  • Difficulty recalling information
  • Misplacing homework, books, school items, etc.
  • Difficulty with copying assignments
  • Needing to restudy material for exams over and over
  • Poor or simple vocabulary
  • Difficulty following directions

Poor memory can also affect a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

The Brain Workshop testing measures short and long term memory, and clearly indicates whether weakness in these skills exist

Cognitive skills training improves child & adult memory as it attacks the root causes of memory struggles by strengthening weak cognitive skills, especially short-term and long- term memory, making it easier to think, learns and remember.

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