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Assessment and Counseling for Children

Behavioral Therapy for Children

Does My Child Need Therapy?

If your child is struggling with any of the following, then therapy may be helpful: staying focused, doesn’t seem to be enjoying life, avoids time with friends and family, has had a drop in grades, or is often worried about danger or being judged. Most parents will do anything to help their children.  None of us want to see our sons and daughters struggle with worry, sadness, or loneliness – and yet so many children experience these issues.leo.

About Child Therapy

How can Therapy help ?

Parents often ask us whether or not their children will benefit from therapy. So, we came up with a list of common issues that we help kids and families work through:
* Frequent arguments or conflict in the family
* Acting out or non-compliance (rule-breaking)
* Sadness or loss
* Agitation and irritability
* Poor academic performance
* Difficulty making friends
* Inattention and not getting work done
* Excessive use of electronics

These problems are common, but also harmful and problems lead to increased risk of problems in adulthood, such as addiction, criminal activity, and unemployment.

How does Child Therapy works

We recognize the importance of providing your family with the upmost quality of care. To this end, we aim to accomplish three tasks during every course of child therapy.

  1. We ask Questions.
  2. We teach and promote change
  3. We help to strengthen New learning

If you are interested is working with us, give us a call. We would love to hear from you! (62913.28601)

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