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Graphology or handwriting analysis is a scientific study of Handwriting used to analyze an individual’s personality. Your handwriting tells a lot about your personality and helps you come to know yourself better; it tells you about your nature, your positive and negative traits, your behavior and much more.

Factors such as placing of i-dots, t-bars, angles / slant, size, speed, margins, heights, ending strokes, pressure, upper, lower, and middle zones, word spacing, letter spacing and even flourishes and many other factors are considered for a complete graphology analysis and accurate examination.

Did you know changing your handwriting can be used for self-improvement? Changing your handwriting features can alter your personality – this is called Graphotherapy.

Are you looking forward to be more confident? Do you want to know what is your child’s thinking pattern? Are you happy with your social circle? Are you stuck with your success? Are you not able to move ahead in your career? What are your strengths?

All we need is your one page handwriting sample to share and answer all your questions

Handwriting analysis can be used as an effective tool for a better relationship. 
When we decide to build a new relationship, the questions like how the person is? Will the person be loyal to me? Is the new persona ideal partner for me? Can this relationship I have be taken to next level? These questions hits our mind moment we see or meet a new person. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to make such decision at the first instance itself. In order to reach that decision we require to invest time and be with that person to know more about good and bad behavior. However, human are capable in deceiving that in the start of relationship only the good part is shown at all times. Thus leaving us in great uncertainty. 
Handwriting analysis/Graphology, has the solution for all the above questions.  Graphology should not be mistaken for astrology or a tool to predict the future. It helps you to understand the other person’s behavior both hidden and visible one. Based on the observations from the analysis you can understand the compatibility of each other. Handwriting analysis/Graphology can be used to improve the existing relationship by making few amendments in the way you write. It can also be used to have a better business relations and personal relations. 

A detailed examination of handwriting factors, particularly timing, fluidity, pressure, and consistency of size, form, speed, and pressure are considered in the process of evaluating patients and their response to pharmacological therapeutic agents.

The study of these phenomena investigating motor control processes and the interaction of nervous, anatomical, and bio-mechanical systems of the body.

Is he or she warm and responsive, or cold and controlled? Does she have a temper? Is he or she dominant?

I am sure we all want to find out about our partner and want relationship full of love, respect, care. Will handwriting be able to tell us about compatibility? YES

Employers for human resources and growing professionally with the change in your writing. Handwriting analysis is used at many firms in order to understand the person’s traits, personality, strengths and weaknesses.
Improving your abilities at work.
Choosing the right job.
Over comes all the negativism.
Motivate yourself to work better.
Being able to accept feedback without being sensitive to them.

Graphology is also very useful tool for Business in different areas like business partners selection, dealing with clients, dealing with vendors, management selections, team selections , employee selection etc.

Graphology can assist police department in solving crimes related to the burglary thefts, suicides & even murders. Graphology can speed up investigation via writing & signature of a suspect & solve Cases.

Parent child relationship is always a tangible relationship, level of the relationship the effects child’s development in a positive manner. When child knows that parents understands them, then the enthusiasm within them increases. 
Every parents wants good for their child and as a cultural responsibility, as a parents you will be happy to see your child’s emotional, physical and mental progress. As and when child requires your help you will be the first help and guidance.
You can make them socially active. You can identify if your child is being bullied or is under some pressure he/she is not able to let out. Is your teenager daughter /son struggling with peer pressure or is into bad habits (SMOKING, DRUGS, and ALCOHOL). 
A study of handwriting of different members of your family may reveal that one or more people in the group are over-aggressive, extra antagonistic or any other adjectives you may guess they can be in their attitudes. 
At every stage kids struggle with their own tiny problems, we need to give them that support that they need. A “family council” or “family talk” can help eradicate such unnecessary conflicts.

The signature represents the most personal and intimate handwriting we do. Experts believe that the way you sign your name can reveal a lot about your personality– both in life and business. 

Traits that you can add in your handwriting to reprogram your mind for success and reach your highest potential

Handwriting Analysis Report

TrueBrain Edusystems also provides handwriting analysis services to corporations, firms,and business intelligence organizations. We specialize in private and confidential high profile analyses and compatibility reports for upper-middle to top-level management and sales personnel.

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