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Programming Your Life Through Handwriting

Graphology or handwriting analysis is the science of interpreting a person’s character from his/her personal handwriting.

Your handwriting is a pure expression of you. It goes from your brain to your hand, to the page, without you being fully conscious of it. 


Your handwriting report will allow you to identify your natural strengths, suggest how you could approach your challenges, limit your stress, and get personal encouragement by gaining more understanding of yourself.

Through Graphology, we can reduce the possibility of inaccuracies due to conscious or  unconscious efforts by the subject to affect the result.

 It can point out a person about being in the right direction, based on personality, abilities and inclinations.

Uses of Graphology

It is quite natural for parents to show concern for their children.Even though we have been seeing our children grow under our own eyes, ever since they were born, a stage comes in their lives when certain changes start taking place in their behaviour/ attitudes, which we are not able to understand. The child acquires a personality of his own, which is no-where near the type of personality we had visualised. We tend to forget that home is not the only training ground for children. The educational institutes, their circle of friends, the books they read, the movies/ serials they watch and the crowd they continually rub shoulders with,all leave their impact on the child.

As long as the child is not heading towards acquiring a destructive personality or becoming an anti-social element, there is no need for any undue worry. However if you feel that there is something drastically wrong, we at "TRUEBRAIN" through the science of Graphology, can analyse your child's personality/character and tell you whether your child is undergoing normal changes or if there is something really wrong about which you ought to be worried. You can utilise our services and obtain a GENERAL or DETAILED ANALYSIS report.

Most students are not aware of their true potential. We at"TRUEBRAIN" through the science of Graphology can tell you every thing about your personality/ character, your hidden talents and also your unknown weaknesses just by studying your handwriting samples. We shall also advice you the line of activity/profession, which will suit your temperament best.

To survive in this highly competitive world we have to first identify our weak spots and then try to eliminate them. TRUEBRAIN will help you identify your weaknesses and suggest effective remedial measures. To benifit from our services it is suggested that you obtain a GENERAL ANALYSIS or a DETAILED ANALYSIS report.

Love at first sight could be dangerous! Tall promises, assurances and gifts could all be misleading; Marriage is a serious business. Don't gamble with your life. Does he really care for you? Will he be a loving/caring husband or is he going to turn out to be just a lover boy out for fun? Will the girl you love prove to be a good mother and housewife and a helpful partner throughout your life?

We think you must find out more about your lover/partner before taking the final decision.

We suggest that you obtain a DETAILED ANALYSIS Report.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Please do not let your partner know that you got his/her handwriting samples analysed by us.

You have your office in the best place.Your office is fitted with phones, intercoms, fax machines, computers,Internet/E-mail facility etc. You also have the best of products/services to sell/market.

You take pains in acquiring the latest and most sophisticated machinery. You undertake extensive market surveys to market your products and spend thousands on advertising and publicity BUT when it comes to employing staff what do you do?? Most employers still depend on the age old technique of conducting interviews which by far is very subjective.

Smart Employers are these days hiring the services of graphologists to screen candidates. They are very careful in picking the right candidates for their organisations.

We suggest you obtain DETAILED ANALYSIS Reports on all your short listed candidates.


Please tell us about the post/ vacancy being filled up and about specific qualities/ personality traits you are looking for in the candidates.

You could also utilize our services for obtaining RELIABILITY/HONESTY ANALYSIS reports in respect of staff whose loyalties you doubt.

Apart from the above GRAPHOLOGY could be used for early detection of certain types of diseases, for solving criminal/forgery cases, for studying mental disorders/ different types of stresses. We also use graphology for selection of good staff for their schools/colleges and for understanding their student's better etc.


Get your Graphology Report

To get your graphology report, it is as easy as 1,2,3 steps.
1. Download from here the format of Handwriting sample. 2. Fill as instruction given and Scan the page through your mobile or scanner. 3. Send us the scan copy through email or Whatsapp. We will provide your report within 3-4 working days alongwith Graphotherapy to get rid from your negetive aspects and to upright your personalities.




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