Fingerprint Analysis

Do you want to know your children inborn Nature? Their intelligence level? Unable to select career? 


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Study of Finger Ridges.



What is D.M.I.T

D.M.I.T is a study of configurations of epidermal ridges on the volar aspect of hands. 

During fetal development stage of body during 13th to 24th week, various creases develop on the brain and are reflected on fingerprints representing various regions of the brain and are commonly being used in Dermatoglyphics Mental Intelligence Test. 

DMIT is truly scientific study of Finger Print pattern, Brain lobes. Our fingerprints truly closely associated with the infant’s mind development and reveal us what we need and how we learn.

We can transform our lives through a holistic education approaches with D.M.I.T.

Key Benefits

A wrong choice and the child crumples, a correct selection and your child excels

  • Identify his / her inborn Talents & Weakness
  • Best learning style and characteristic
  • Tailor made own learning program
  • Reduce time & money wastage for irrelevant courses
  • Help children in learning effectively.
  • Minimizes the ‘trial and error’ factor
  • Select an educational stream that is best suited
  • Improve parent and child relations

Self coping, smartly and with confidence in all walks of life

  • Understanding yourself
  • Choosing right career
  • Identify and development core competence
  • Identify your IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ level
  • Strengthens communication and interaction skills
  • Understand one’s compatibility with spouse or business partner.
  • Identify your best learning and leadership style

Right person at the right position leads to a rapid and steady growth of the organization

  • Ensure pre-employment screening
  • Empower your staff by knowing their talents
  • Understand the potential and skill of staffs
  • Placing your employee in the right department
  • Array Properties and Methods

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What's Included

  • Finger Print Scanning
  • Analysis the Ridges
  • Report Creation
  • Counselling

Unable to get proper Finger Print ? Another Options

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A Psychometric Test measures more than just self-perception, it measures actual behavior, because what people actually do is more important than what they say, or think, they do.

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